Use of place or container Spot for Cats

Many people or the owner of a cat must be using the container anything just to be able to be used as a point of eating animal pets. But according to research, it is advisable to not carelessly in the use of container anything to place food cat. Now, following this is some information Interesting related to the use of space or container meals for cats.

Avoid the use of a bowl of plastic

The reason why is not advisable to use a bowl or a plate that is made of plastic as the container of food the cat as oil former food and bacteria will accumulate in scratches material plastic that will make the appearance of acne on the face of a cat. Acne is the form of spots of black that usually appears in the area chin cat. Accordingly, therefore, advisable to use the bowls are made of ceramic or stainless steel.

Consider using a container with a depth of certain

Of course, any container or bowl has a level of depth that is different because it is based on a function that is different as well. Therefore, when it will be used as a container eat the cat, then consider the problem depths of places eat it.

Most cats like containers that tend to be shallower and have a certain width. It was because the animals one is like pressed his face when being eaten. And if the point of eating has a depth that is excessive and narrow, then the cat will feel discomfort when eating food that is given.

According to Marilyn Krieger, a consultant observer and lover of cats that are certified from the San Francisco Bay said that the average cat has a level of sensitivity higher when being eaten and mustache they touched the fringes where eating. Therefore, not infrequently there is a cat eat the mess because they feel not comfortable and finally scratching his food was from inside the container.

Don’t compare food containers for one cat to another

Cats are animals territorial which always compete in all things and do not want to be equated, especially if the species they are different. Accordingly, therefore, recommended to not use a bowl or container of food with the model and color are equal to one cat to another. Also because of problems territorial and unwillingness to equal it, cats are always mark anything that has been provided or become owned by them.

Placements where eating

It would not want to have to do if cat pets that should be placed in the cage as well as a place to drink, eat and areas of wastewater. Just only if the cat pets are allowed to freely roam on the outside of the cage, then it is advisable to not put the place eating it in the near area of wastewater.

Krieger suggested that putting the place eat the cats are in the next house or an area that is rarely passed that did not make the animals are startled or stressed because it is always disturbed by the activities of humans other when he was eating.

And one thing more that should be observed is not a novel approach put a bowl or container of food one to the other adjacent. It was caused by a cat is an animal that has the properties as hunter solitary and will feel not comfortable when there are cats else was eating in close them.

Clean container

It is advisable also to always keep the bowl, plate or container of food for cats that in circumstances net. Try to wash it a couple of days once by using soap and water clean. Food cat despite the manifold dry still contains oil, by accordingly to awake the cleanliness and health of the animals are concerned, then place the food also must be clean.