Things To Consider for Dog Boarding Kennels

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For many people, their dogs are their best friends. They spend so much time together and a legitimate bond is established. When considering boarding options, folks need to know that their furry friends won’t just be safe, but they will have a comfortable and restful experience, as well. Here are some things to consider when choosing a kennel to board your dogs.  

Ask Around

Word of mouth can be super-effective when making determinations on dog boarding kennels Denver. Check in with your friends who have dogs to see what they have to say about local kennels. If they all use the same one, for instance, you’ll probably hear some compelling bits of information. Speak with your veterinarian, too, or your groomer and they will surely guide you to the people they trust the most. 

Dog Boarding

Investigate the Space

You’ll want to visit with any kennel before you board your dog, of course. You’re looking for lots of details that will help to paint a clear picture of how things run. Clean water bowls are a small but important sign of the level of care that the dog will receive. Watch to see how the staff engage with the dogs, and how the dogs engage with each other. See if the room is functionally clean or if it is slovenly. 

Ask the Right Questions

While you’re checking out the space and the attitudes of both the dogs and the staff, be prepared with a list of questions that are important to you, maybe concerning exercise or feeding schedules. You’ll also want to ask about any immunization requirements that are in play, which means you’ll need to be up to speed on your dog’s history of shots. You’re looking for proper replies that come to the kennel’s liaison easily, as though the information’s been covered a lot. This will speak to an efficient system that communicates organization. You’ll also want to check out the bona fides of the people who run the kennel. 

When it comes to boarding your dogs, don’t leave anything to chance. Perform your due diligence and it’ll help ensure a happier and less stressful time for both you and the dog.