Enjoying a Horse Without Owning a Horse


Horses are among the most beautiful, beguiling and uplifting of all creatures. Horses have inspired artists, poets, musicians and people of all ages throughout history. Many people dream of interacting with horses and are put off by the expenses involved in owning them. Apart from the expense of owning a horse, the average cost of maintaining one is about $10,000 a year. If you cannot afford to buy one, perhaps you might engage with horses by stabling, feeding or training them for others. Lots of people own horses who cannot interact with them daily. You can be the main contact for a beautiful equine specimen and have others pay you to do it on their behalf.

Cautions for Horse Lovers

It is important to know going in those horses are susceptible to certain illnesses and certain types of injuries. Caring for these 1500-pound beasts means you have to maintain contact with a large animal veterinarian. Unlike house cats, horses cannot be ignored for days at a time, so you have to be committed to daily feeding and engagement with them. You must bear in mind as well that you are responsible for the horses you care for even if they are technically not yours. Thus, Horse Business Liability Insurance is a real necessity.

Benefits for Horse Lovers

Having dealt with the cautions that naturally follow working with horses, it is important to recognize that working daily with horses has a number of tangible benefits as well:

  • Horses are actually good for your heart. Studies have shown that being around a horse improves a human’s heart rate and lowers tension.
  • Horses know how you feel. They are amazingly sensitive to human emotions, making the level of bonding between a horse and a human quite profound.
  • Horses strengthen the people who care for them physically. Chances are you were not carrying 40-pound feed sacks and 50-pound western saddles before you started working with horses. They also improve your coordination and confidence.

Lessons for Horse Lovers

These lessons being described are not those you teach the horse, but the lessons the horse teaches you. More than anything else, horses are known for their ability to restore physical and emotional health and peace of mind to human beings who have suffered trauma. Horses are legendary in their ability to sense and respond to grief. They possess a remarkable ability to communicate across the species barrier and forge intimate relationships with human beings.