5 Most Popular Horse Breeds

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Like dogs and cats, there are many different breeds of horses available, and they all have characteristics that make them unique. People use horses for companionship, labor, racing, trail riding, competitions, shows, and more. The vast variety of horses available allows owners to select animals that fulfill their needs. Here are five of the most popular horse breeds.


Standing fifteen hands tall and weighing up to 1300 pounds, thoroughbreds are the perfect horses for racing and competitions. Their agility and strength allow them to handle obstacles, such as horse jump roll tops with ease. These animals are best for riders with some experience.

Quarter Horse

These gentle animals are ideal for learning to ride, but they are also loved by experienced riders. They are very athletic and excellent for trail riding. Their coats can come in as many as twelve different colors. This breed is registered with the American Quarter Horse Association, the largest registry in the world.

Horse Breeds


Typically, and full-grown horse shorter than 14.2 hands is considered a pony. Their small size makes them popular pets and first horses for children.


Arabians are known for their strong hindquarters and spirited personalities. They are one of the oldest known breeds of horses, with a lineage dating back to 3000 B.C. This breed originated in the Arabian Peninsula, giving them their name.


Originally known as Justin Morgan horses, after a prominent owner in the late 1700s, Morgans are known for their elegance and beauty. They often have calm demeanors that make them a good choice for riders with little experience as well as great companions. Surefootedness also makes them great animals for trail riding, as they can easily walk across uneven rocks.

With over 350 breeds to choose from, horse-lovers should have no problem finding one that fits their needs.