4 Horseback Riding Essentials

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Horseback riding can be a very pleasurable experience, but you must don the appropriate gear before you take part in it. An equestrian outfit can be both protective and fashionable. Check out this list of four essentials for horseback riding.

1. Helmet

You can sustain a head injury if you fall while riding a horse. This is why it is imperative that you wear a helmet when you engage in horseback riding activities. Helmets are able to absorb the impact of a fall to the extent that your head will be protected even after a major accident. Be sure to replace your helmet every time you sustain a powerful hit. 

2. Riding Boots

Riding boots have multiple uses. They are very sturdy, so they provide a fair amount of support as you place your legs on your stirrups. They also have a good deal of grip, allowing you to guide your horse effectively. These boots protect your legs from being harmed by your saddle, which will inevitably brush up against your calves as your horse gallops up and down.

3. Riding Gloves

If you fail to shield your hands while horseback riding, you may end up damaging them. This is because you have to hold on tightly to your reins, which can cause chafing. You can keep your hands safe by using riding gloves. Some riding gloves have reinforced sections, which prevent friction burn; others have thermal retention features, giving you the chance to ride your horse in the wintertime without having to worry about your hands getting cold. Note that riding gloves can be made of various materials, including cotton, spandex, leather, and microfiber.

4. Body Protectors

Body protectors are a kind of vest that riders put on to protect their internal organs from the pressure of a fall or the hooves of a horse. Many body protectors are lightweight, so you do not have to worry about them affecting your agility while riding. Some of them have safety certifications, meaning that they were tested and ultimately met certain safety standards. There are vests that are designed for beginners as well as advanced riders. You can try on different protectors to determine which brand suits your needs.

Whether you are a casual rider or a professional one, safety should always be on your mind while riding a horse. Fortunately, there exists high-quality gear that can help ensure your wellbeing.