3 Things to Look for When Purchasing a Riding Helmet

equestrian helmets

Riding helmets are a great investment. Nowadays, there are many equestrian helmets for sale. Take a look at this list of three things to look for when buying a riding helmet.

1. Safety

There are three notable safety standards for horse riding helmets: the Kitemark PAS015:2011, the Kitemark VG1 01.040 2014-12, and the SEI ASTM F1163:2015. Some helmets have met only one of these standards, while others have met all three. Think carefully about how many safety certifications you want your helmet to have. If you ride horses occasionally and do not engage in extreme movements with them, then you might be fine getting a helmet with only one safety certification. However, if you participate in competitive horse riding events on a regular basis, you should probably obtain a helmet that has met all three standards.

2. Size

It is vital that you acquire a helmet that is not too big nor too small. A riding helmet should fit your head snuggly and comfortably. If your helmet is too tight, you are likely to have a painful riding experience and may end up hurting yourself. If your helmet is too loose, it may fall off as you ride and you lose its much-needed protection. You can use a soft tape measurer to measure the circumference of your head and determine the right-sized helmet for you.

3. Style

Helmets come in a wide array of colors and patterns. Some people prefer to wear solid-colored helmets that have matte finishes, while others like to wear more playful helmets, such as those that have striped patterns and glossy finishes. Think carefully about the style of helmet you want. You may want to acquire a professional-looking helmet if you intend to engage in competitive horse riding activities.

A riding helmet can save your life. Be very selective when picking out the right one for you.